An AI-powered system for automatic quality assessment of mammography images

Development is co-financed with RS and EU funds

The funding was called P2-2023, and the the purpose of the call was to develop the supported companies with the successful transfer of the development ideas of enterprising individuals and groups into commercially successful companies with growth potential. The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the EU from the European Fund for Regional Development (https://www.eu-skladi.si/). The funding size was 54.000 EUR.
The goal of the project was to develop an fully automated system for quality assessment of mammography images based on AI technologies. We were able to achieve all goals of the operation and produce an EU market ready application.

MIQAS features

Automatic ndetection

State of the art detection 

Our algorithm is able to detect all the relevant parts of an image and measure and calculate the desired features. These features are then used for astimating the quality of an image

Customized analytics

Focusing on engeneer

We focus on presenting all relevant dashboards and metrics for each engineer or organisation. There are countless filters available, so you are able focus on exactly what you want.

Integrated and fully automated

Simple uniform integration

The MIQUAS system is able to connect to every mammogram and starts automatically analysing images. System can be set up in hours and requires minimal work from the institutions.

SoA Deep learning

Fine tuned models ensure SoA results

Our models used for estimating the quality of mammography images perform state of the art (SoA) accuracy. 

About Us

We are a small company focusing on artificial intelligence solutions. Our core team consists of several doctors with PhDs from the field of machine learning, deep learning and optimisation. Our core product is MIQUAS that is an AI-powered system for automatic quality assessment of mammography images. The system helps organisation ensuring high quality images and well trained radiology engineers.

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